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The hazel tree as a source of inspiration

The family name ‘Colruyt’ is derived from ‘corylus’, the Latin word for ‘hazel’. Corylus is also etymologically related to the Greek ‘korys’, which means ‘bearer of fruit’.

The hazel tree is robust, has a long lifespan and lets an entire ecosystem flourish around it. It exemplifies our vision of investing.

Like branches on a tree we
may grow in different directions.
Yet our roots remain as one.

From the Colruyt tradition

Korys is the investment company of the Colruyt family. In four generations, this family has built a successful international retail group, the eponymous Colruyt Group. In 2012, Korys was established as a ‘family office’. At Korys, we manage the estate of the Colruyt family, championing value-driven business practices by investing in people and companies. We believe an attractive return is perfectly compatible with a positive contribution to people, the environment and society.