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Conscious Consumer

Investment Strategy / Conscious Consumer 

Conscious Consumer - groen

Today’s consumer is conscious of his/her health, thinks about his/her impact on the environment, appreciates ease of use and craves new experiences.

Korys responds to these new, relevant consumer trends. For this reason, we aim at three investment domains, covering together the entire chain:

Although Korys is an autonomous investment company, we do occasionally invest in the same companies as the Colruyt Group. For our portfolio companies, a partnership of this sort gives access to the back-office of the Colruyt Group (i.e. expertise and insight in the areas of marketing, HR, etc.); a good illustration of our ambition to build an ecosystem within a specific niche.

Today’s consumer is consciously concerned about health and the environment, but also craves ease of use and experience.

Note: At the moment, portfolio companies under the ‘Conscious consumer’ label are mostly active in the food and health sectors. This is not however a restrictive criterion. We are open to products that have a sustainable link with free time (e.g. sustainable clothing). 

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Our participations in Conscious Consumer