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Direct Investments

Korys is a patient long term investor. Our specialised teams immerse themselves in 3 major ecosystems (Energy TransitionHealthy Living and Conscious Consumer) and participate sensibly, responsibly and knowledgeably in growth companies. From the moment we step on board, we plan strategically with these companies, bringing them into our network: by encouraging the cross-pollination of our various portfolio companies – these businesses reinforce each other.


Our investment criteria

We only participate in projects that are aligned with our values and our mission. The cornerstone of our investment strategy in the 3P philosophy. With every investment – and through our entire investment portfolio – we strive to create social, ecological and economic value.

Our goal? Well-thought-out investments that help companies within our ecosystem to grow and have a positive social impact.

Our strategy for Direct Investments

In line with these criterias, we concentrate on companies that are active in the Healthy Living, Conscious Consumer and Energy Transition. All three offer both excellent growth potential, as well as a strong social impact.


Companies within the healthy living segment develop revolutionary medical solutions to prevent and/or cure illnesses.

Products/services that contribute to health and the environment, while also optimising ease of use and the user experience. 

New solutions in the transition from polluting fuels to renewable energy.



Conscious Consumer
Energy transition
Healthy Living