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Fund Investments

The 3P philosophy as a guiding principle

Korys invests in unlisted companies through investment funds. Those private equity funds always have to share our values and our sustainability goals. Thanks to this approach we make sure that our risk is sufficiently spread accross our portfolio. When support is needed, we could have a representative on their investment committee.

Future-oriented investments

Fund investments are future-oriented investments: they offer additional insights into the market, give access to an extensive network and can potentially lead to direct participations. These activities are complementary to our Direct Investments

Korys values

Our strategy for fund investments

The 3P philosophy is the cornerstone of our investment strategy for fund investments. In line with this philosophy, we concentrate on companies that are active in the Healthy Living, Energy Transition and Conscious Consumer ecosystems. All three have the potential for excellent growth and social impact. 

With those same objectives in mind Korys also actively participates in the India Progress Fund, focused on rural development and financial inclusion in India. The fund makes private equity investments in the Indian agri-food value chain and in financial inclusion for rural entrepreneurs in India. Click here for more information on the IPF.

Companies in the healthy living develop revolutionary medical solutions that prevent and/or cure disease and illness.

Products/services that contribute to health and the environment while delivering optimal ease of use and user experiences. 

New solutions in the transition from polluting fuels to renewable energy.