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Healthy Living

Investment Strategy / Healthy Living


Through the study of living organisms, life sciences are the basis for progress in various areas, ranging from biotechnology and agriculture to nutrition and health, etc. As such, companies that carry out research and development in this domain, are closely linked to our daily lives. 

By investing in ‘Healthy Living’, Korys strives to have a positive impact on people’s health. We support companies that develop innovative products or offer services that help detect, prevent or cure diseases.

Moreover, life sciences are interesting from an economic perspective, as exemplified by the fascinating local ecosystem in Belgium and Europe as a whole. Korys is committed to investing on a long-term basis.

Companies in 'Healthy Living' help detect, prevent or cure diseases.

To expand the support to the ‘Healthy Living’ field Korys and Mérieux Equity Partners have launched the OMX Europe Venture Fund, dedicated to venture investments within the healthcare and nutrition sectors in Europe and North America. The fund will benefit from the solid expertise and network of its sponsors and will be operated by a dedicated team covering direct investments in venture capital. To add additional geographic and sector expertise a strategic partnership was equally established with a team of senior business executives who have co-invested on several venture deals in the USA with Mérieux Equity Partners over the last ten years. This team has established OMX Ventures Fund I (“OMX US”) in the US to support innovative companies in North America and Europe, with a similar investment strategy to that of the OMX Europe fund. Please find more information about the OMX Europe Venture Fund here

Within ‘Healthy Living’, we focus on the following areas: 


Finally, Korys invests in new technologies which improve food production. We assess the entire value chain, from new forms of biological pest control to innovations which extend the shelf life of produce for the consumer.

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Our participations in Healthy Living