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Investment strategy

The 3P philosophy as a guiding principle

The cornerstone of our investment strategy is the 3P philosophy. We strive to create added value on social, ecological and economic levels in every investment we make and throughout our entire portfolio.

Investing in three pillars

To guarantee diversification and risk management in our portfolio, Korys is active in Direct Investments, Private Equity Funds and Liquid Investments.


Three major ecosystems

Our investments are spread across the Energy Transition, Healthy Living and Conscious Consumer ecosystems. As an investment company, we concentrate on these three sustainable ecosystems to make the most of our specialised knowledge.


An attractive return is perfectly compatible with a positive contribution to people, the environment and society.

How we make a difference

As positive, hands-on investment specialists, we make a difference through our personal approach, our professional knowledge and our perseverance. On top of this, we can count on the active involvement of our Board of Directors as well as the support of a broad network of experts and senior advisors at every phase of the investment process.

The strengths behind Korys: