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AstriVax is a spin-off from the KU Leuven and develops vaccines that are easy and cheap to produce and have few requirements in terms of the cold chain, so that they can get from the factory to the patient more easily, even in tropical and subtropical areas. The AstriVax vaccines could also generate longer-lasting protection against a variety of viruses and pathogens.

After the successful funding round in the summer of 2022 that brought the necessary capital for further growth, the AstriVax team, led by Dr. Hanne Callewaert, is focusing on bringing its first thermostable yellow fever vaccine to the clinical development phase. This will also validate the platform technology. This will be followed by a vaccine for the prevention of rabies and a vaccine for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

All vaccines are based on the disruptive, flexible PLLAV platform, which was developed by co-founders Professor Johan Neyts and Professor Kai Dallmeier of KU Leuven’s Rega Institute.

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