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Broken String Biosciences

Founded in 2020 as a spinout from Cardiff University, Broken String Biosciences has developed the INDUCE-seq™ technology platform, designed to expedite the characterisation of novel genome editing technologies. The company’s ultimate vision is a future where cell and gene therapies become safer, more efficient, and more affordable for patients.

Genome editing technologies empower scientists to modify DNA and thus treat diseases. To do this, they use technologies acting like scissors, cutting the DNA at a specific spot, a concept that inspired the company’s name, Broken String.

Genome editing tools hold immense potential for addressing diseases rooted in genetic factors, such as cystic fibrosis and diabetes. They even promise to treat cancers or infections, including HIV.

Sanger Institute 29th March 2022
3D illustration Virus DNA molecule, structure. Concept destroyed code human genome. Damage DNA molecule. Helix consisting particle, dots. DNA destruction due to gene mutation or experiment.




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