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Eneida is an innovative SME, founded in 2012 in Coimbra (Portugal), strongly connected to the city’s university.

With the actual rise of residential solar panels, EV’s, heat pumps and behind the meter storage, network operators are faced with a strong increase in variability of supply and demand in the local grids. Eneida provides new insights to these network operators by installing smart sensors in neighbourhood substations. The company focuses on the low voltage market. They are on the ‘road to ZEN’, determined to give each neighbourhood grid the technology and intelligence it needs to become a ‘Zero Emission Neighbourhood’.

Eneida is already active in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and aims to become the world leader in LV grid monitoring, forecasting, and controlling services.




Coimbra, Portugal

investment / alumnus


committed team

Brieuc de Hults
Karel Van Cleemput

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