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Mablink Bioscience is a French-based biotech company specialising in the development of an emerging class of cancer drugs, called antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Through the OMX Europe Venture Fund, Korys joins Mablink in 2022. This new financing round enables Mablink to become a clinical-stage biotech by bringing its lead candidate, MBK-103, into clinical development for the treatment of solid tumours, notably ovarian cancer.

Mablink’s technology is based on a unique structure of chemical ‘linkers’ placed between an antibody and a cytotoxic molecule to be delivered into tumour cells. The company’s approach brings two highly desirable pharmacological properties: (1) it enables ADCs to stay in the body longer, giving them more time to destroy the tumour cells and (2) second, these ADCs have greatly improved tolerability.

This technology opens the door for new and better treatment options for numerous cancer patients.

Molecular model of antibody taking part in immune defense. Molecule of immunoglobulin, 3D illustration



Lyon, France

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Eva Van Overmeire
David Devigne

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