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Established in 2016, in Utrecht (Holland) Sensorfact developed a plug-and-play energy management system, to provide an easy and affordable solution for industrial SMEs to reduce energy consumption. The company also heavily invested in optimising its software platform, developing new algorithms and offering new solutions to make energy-saving easy.

We truly believe in the potential of their offering: a combination of a non-invasive product, a clear reporting platform providing immediate insight for potential energy savings and an already sizable portfolio of industrial clients.

Over the last 5 years, the company grew its customer base to more than 350 customers in more than 14 countries.

With the Series A investment, in which Korys took part at the beginning of 2021 the innovative scale-up will continue to grow in Benelux and Italy and launch its activities in the Nordics, Austria and Switzerland.

Sensorfact energy monitoring
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The Netherlands, Utrecht

investment / alumnus


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Quentin Dupont
Karel Van Cleemput

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